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At Punch our goal has always been to help democratize Hollywood. We know its a big mission, and we also know that some communities need a little extra help to get their foot in the door. A Bigger Punch is a program we are developing to empower Native American kids by providing opportunities to learn about and get involved in the world of Hollywood.

Native American representation in the entertainment industry plays a vital role in countering stereotypes, empowering Native communities, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering understanding. It is an opportunity for healing, reconciliation, and amplifying Native voices in shaping a more equitable and inclusive society.

punch app launch site jun 2023 36_4x.png

Film and Media Education

- Native American Film Workshops: Provide details about workshops where kids can learn about various aspects of filmmaking, including screenwriting, directing, and acting.

- Media Literacy Classes: Explain the importance of media literacy and how the charity helps kids understand media messages and become critical thinkers.

- Field Trips to Studios: Highlight opportunities for children to visit Hollywood studios, meet professionals, and gain hands-on experience.


Mentorship and Networking

- Native American Mentors: Describe the mentorship program where industry professionals guide and support young Native American talents.

- Networking Events: Provide information about events that connect kids with influential individuals from the entertainment industry.


Talent Showcases and Competitions

- Native American in app Showcases: Use the Punch App platform to promote Native American talent.

- Punch Sketch Competitions: Outline annual competitions that encourage young filmmakers to create and showcase their creativity.


Scholarships and Grants

- Education Scholarships: Detail opportunities for Native American students pursuing film and media studies to receive financial support.

- Project Grants: Explain the availability of grants for aspiring Native American filmmakers to fund their creative projects.

The reason Punch is aiming to help the Native Americans get involved with hollywood is a personal one. One of our founders is actually Native American. Pictured above is Jamieson Mundy's grandmother, in her full traditional native dressing. The subject matter has been a close one for Jamieson. He usually sums the issue up with a question for you to answer.

"Name me your favorite Native American Actor? Musician? Chef? Politician? Artist? Director? Writer? Inventor? Business leader? If you are struggling to some up 1 name for any of these questions, that is the problem."

            - Jamieson Mundy, co-founder of Punch

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